Correct Cultivation Learning from Buddha Academy 正行學佛院  takes us on a living journey culminating in the convergence of virtuous cultivation and skillful accomplishment.
Through the transformational teachings and methods of authentic Buddhadharma, we can discover our true nature and how to live a meaningful life with the capacity to help save living beings.

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What our students
 have to say

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"What I appreciated most  was the palpable sense of generosity & determined support. The staff, residential community, guiding teachers, and the natural environment it is situated in served as inspiration to deepen my personal practice whilst keeping the focus on how my practice can be of service to others--it's seen in action that is not short on smiles, laughter, community response, and engaged dharma."
marika M.
"It was an invaluable introduction to the path of the Buddha and the Dharma.  I am expressing my profound gratitude and appreciate for this experience, and I would love to leave a message of kindness and encouragement for others."
Christopher Wieland
What a precious jewel! The refuge, teachers, residents and retreats have provided support and nurtured my adventure on the dharma path in ways I could never have imagined. I am deeply grateful for the teachings offered through retreats, weekly talks and the personal opportunities to learn from the Venerables. With deep gratitude.
Kimberly B
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